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Unit 2: Forces and Newton's Laws


Khan Academy - Newton's 1st

BMW Table Cloth Trick

News Reporter hit by sled

Men's Hammer Throw

Merry Go Round Circular Motion - Newton's 1st

Seatbelt Crash Test - Newton's 1st

Dom Deloise - Egg Drop Trick

Eureka - Inertia/Mass

Veritasium - Egg Spinning Trick


Doggie in Danger

Bed of Nails

Car Crash Physics

Eureka! Newton's 2nd Law

Eureka! Gravity

Eureka! Weight vs. Mass

Feather and Bowling ball in Vaccuum

Veritasium: Three incorrect laws of motion

Veritasium: Inertia, Acceleration, and why the Earth Spins

Veritasium: Misconceptions about falling objects