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Syllabus and Class Policies

Science Inquiry Class Policies

Ms. Quinn

Scappoose High School

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Welcome to Science Inquiry! In this class you can expect to learn by experiencing scientific concepts, critically thinking and asking questions, and observing. An emphasis will be places on developing scientific curiosity and literacy. All students are capable of succeeding in this class with appropriate effort. Students will have the opportunity to develop their science skills, and will come away prepared for future science classes at SHS and beyond. The class will be comprised of two trimesters, one for each Science Inquiry A and Science Inquiry B. Each class will have individual units (called “standards”) in which students must demonstrate proficient knowledge to earn a passing grade.

Course Content

Semester I A

Standard 1A: Chemistry – Atomic Structure

Standard 2A Chemistry – Ions, Isotopes, and Radioactivity

Standard 3A: Chemistry – Bonding

Standard 4A: Chemistry – Reactions

Standard 5A: Earth Science (Plate tectonics and climate)

Semester II B

Standard 1B: Physics – Motion

Standard 2B: Physics – Forces and Acceleration

Standard 3B: Physics – Mechanical Energy

Standard 4B: Physics – Radiant Energy

Standard 5A: Space Science


For more information on scope and sequence and standards to be covered in class, please visit the class website.


Violations of the first 3 rules, including tardies, will be dealt with “My Action Plan.” Depending on severity, a call home or detention /referral will also take place. 2nd and 3rd violations will result in a call home and referral, respectively.

Violations of the fourth will result in confiscation of the mp3 player or cell phone and taken to the office as per Scappoose High School Policy and a My Action Plan. 2nd and 3rd violations will also result as above.


The 5 basic class rules:

1. Safety

2. Respect

3. Responsibility

4. NO Food

5. NO Grooming 

*For Specifics, see Ms. Quinn and class website, “General Class Policies.”


Safety is a priority in the science classroom for everyone’s sake. Safety infractions will not be tolerated and students found in violation will be removed from the lab. Serious pr repeated violations can result in referral and administrative action.


Required materials

The student will need:

·         A 1-2 inch binder with filler paper to be used only in this class.

·         Binder Dividers: These can be made or purchased.

·         The student will also need a thumb drive for school, but this does not need to be only for science.

·         Student must bring pencil, notebook and binder to class every day.

·         Scientific Calculator (Very Important in Science Inquiry B)


o   Note about binder and student work: DO NOT throw away any work until you have received a grade for the ENTIRE class. Your binder grade requires you to keep all work at least until the end of the semester.

Attendance and Tardies

It is important for all students to be at class every day to maximize their learning. The occasional absences for unavoidable legitimate conflicts (family emergencies, etc) are accepted, and to be cleared through the attendance office. When a class is missed, check the class website for missed class material, (school computers are available in case students do not have computer/internet access at home), and confer with your table partners when you return to class.

Additionally, it is important to be in class and participate in “bell to bell” learning. Tardy students will only be admitted to class by presenting a slip proving they are checked in with the attendance office. In the event that a student is tardy three times, s/he will receive a detention. A fourth tardy will result in the student competing a behavoirial action plan and parental contact will be made. A fifth tardy will result in a discipline referral.



Scappoose High School requires that all classes are standards based. This means that each student must pass each Standard before passing the class. The grading scale is 90%-100% = A; 80%-89% = B; 70%-79% = C; 60%-69% = D; below 60% = F. Student grades will be posted every 2 weeks after the third week.


Students’ grades are based upon their level of understanding of course content. The specific knowledge students are expected to demonstrate within each unit are written as Standards and will be printed and given to each student at the beginning each unit. Their progress toward mastering the content of each standard is recorded in the gradebook as follows:

·         Assignments (In class work/Homework): 15% of overall grade

Assignments are critical to students’ learning and practice of each standard. As the “1st chance” with the materials, emphasis is places upon completion of the assignments. Feedback will be given in class so students may correct inaccuracies in their understanding. Grades on assignments will thus be given based on assignment completion; late work may be accepted for reduced credit only until standard has been taken.

·         Quizzes: 5% of overall grade

Quizzes are a chance for students to check their level of understand of a part of a standard after having received feedback on their assignments. As a “2nd chance” on the material, growing accuracy in knowledge of the standard is expected, and students will receive a grade based on the accuracy/dept of their knowledge. Any inadequacies in understanding should be remediated in preparation for the unit assessment. The quiz corrections template may be found on my website under general class policies.

·         Standards: 70% of overall grade

A unit assessment (in the form of a test, project, or report) will be used to measure the student’s mastery of the entire standard. As a “3rd chance” on the material, this is expected to be the student’s best work. A minimum score of 70% is needed to demonstrate proficiency of a standard. A re-assessment may be made within 2 weeks if a student has demonstrated adequate preparation.

·         Tests (Midterm and Final): 10% of overall grade

Two tests will be given: a midterm and a final. Re-takes of these tests will NOT be allowed, though these tests are an opportunity for students to demonstrate proficiency on any failed standards.


Office hours:

I am available for meeting with students and parents by appointment before school between 8:00 and 8:20 AM on Tuesday through Friday, and after school at 3:15-4:00 PM Monday through Thursday.