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Spot Notebook Prompts

Here you will find all the directions for the Spot Notebook.

Your first assignment is to choose your "Spot." 
Your "Spot" should be somewhere you can sit for at least a half an hour once every two weeks to write in your notebook. It must be outside. I suggest somewhere that you can see a little nature. Roads, mountains and sky are also kind of necessary. 

Your "Spot" Notebook will be the 2nd half of your warm-up notebook. If you have a 70-page notebook, count to the 35th page and make a title page for your notebook. See below picture for how to set up your title page and page numbers. 

Each entry should be 2-4 pages in length. I want you to spend at least a half an hour on this once every 2 weeks. At least one page needs to contain drawings and at least one other should have a written reflection or description on the writing prompt. Every page should have the date in the upper right-hand corner. Please don't forget proper capitalization, punctuation and full sentences when you are writing, I will be looking for it!

Prompt 1: Due 9/21/2012
Decide on your spot, describe it and draw a picture of it. 
Why did you decide on this spot? 
What science can you see from this spot?

Prompt 2Due 10/5/2012
Describe all of the motion you can see from your spot. 
Rank the motion you see from "slowest" to "fastest."
How do you determine which are faster or slower? 
Use one (1) page and draw the motion you see from your spot. 

Prompt 3Due 10/26/2012
Identify at least 10 objects that exemplify Newton's 1st Law. 
Five that are in motion wanting to stay in motion and 
5 that are at rest wanting to stay at rest. 
Explain mass and inertia and momentum using your 
examples or anything else from your spot. 

Prompt 4Due 11/16/2012

Prompt 5Due 12/07/2012
1. Identify at least 10 things you see in your spot with potential energy and tell why they have potential energy. 
2. Identify at least 10 things you see in your spot with kinetic energy and tell why they have kinetic energy.
3. Identify at least 5 transfers of potential energy to kinetic energy.
4. Identify at least 5 transfers of kinetic energy to potential energy
Remember to write in complete sentences and to fill 1 page with writing and 1 page with drawing!

Prompt 6Due before 12/21/2012 and after Prompt 5
1. Identify at least 20 examples of energy you see from your spot and tell which type of energy they exemplify. Remember the examples discussed in class are: radiant (heat, sound, light), electrical, chemical, and mechanical (kinetic and potential).
2. Identify at least 10 different energy transfers. You may not use the transfers you used in Prompt 5. Please use a variety of different types of energy in your response! 
Remember to write in complete sentences and to fill 1 page with writing and 1 page with drawing!