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Space Science/Astronomy

Lost or Missing pages from your packet? Click here: Standard 5 Spring 2014 Packet

Reading Assignments Book Pages
Chapter 21 Earth and its Moon
Chapter 22 The Solar System
Chapter 23 Stars
Chapter 24 Galaxies and the Universe

Veritasium: Why does the Earth Spin? (Newton's 1st Law)
Veritasium: How does the Earth Spin? (Newton's 1st and 2nd Law)
Veritasium: What is gravity?

Vsauce: What will we miss? (Star explosions, Milkomeda)
LT5a: Earth Moon and Sun

LT5b: The Solar System

Gravity Lab - link to the lab for pages 27-29 in packet. 

Inner Planets Part 1: Mercury and Venus
Inner Planets Part 2: Earth and Mars
Outer Planets Part 1: Jupiter and Saturn
Outer Planets Part 2: Uranus and Neptune

Space Oddity Music Video - First music video filmed in space!
Before you watch the next video, you should study up on who Bobak Ferdowsi is (AKA "NASA Mowhawk Guy")

LT5c: Stars, Galaxies and the Universe

How the Universe Works: Extreme Stars Netflix,  Walrus VideoYoutube
How the Universe Works: Supernovas Netflix, Walrus Video, Youtube. 

I need my Space!

Video: Tour of the Universe

Tutorial: Life Cycle of Stars

When We Left Earth: Ordinary Supermen - 1/3

Engineering the Space Shuttle

NASA Solar System Exploration

Simulation: Solar System

Interactive: The Universe

100 Greatest Discoveries: Astronomy

Exploring the Solar System

The Solar System: A Brief Glance

Stephen Hawking: Formation of the Solar System

Life Cycle of Stars

Eclipses and why they don't occur every new and full moon