Geology "Location" Standard Project

Webpages and Interactives

Major Landform Identification Resource: - Search for your country, go to the yellow banner on top and click on 'landforms.'

"Stream and River" Article that explains how streams and rivers affect the shape of the Earth's Crust. 

Atmosphere Question Suggestions
  • How has the climate in your location been different in the past? 
  • How has the movement of the atmosphere shaped your location?
  • How would a couple degrees of temperature increase affect your location? Crops?
  • What might it look like eventually and what did it used to look like?
  • What would happen to your location if the sea level rose 20 feet? What might be covered?
  • What would happen to areas of your location if it lost more of its glaciers?
  • If your location is near the ocean and has a reef or fishing is a way of life, how might that be changed with the ocean temperature increase?
  • How would the ocean temperature increase affect a land-locked country or state?
  • How have extreme events affected your location in the last 30 years? (Katrina, Sandy, NW Snow this winter, massive hurricanes in india..? You may have to look up how this has changed!)
  • How might a more acidic ocean affect it?

How the Earth Was Made Series
  • San Andreas Fault - California
  • Deepest Place on Earth - Marianna Trench in middle of ocean
  • Krakatoa - Islands of Indonesia
  • Loch Ness - Scotland
  • New York - Look on Netflix for this one. 
  • Driest Place on Earth - Atacama Desert, Western South America - Look on Netflix for this one. 
  • Great Lakes - Related to states/Canadian Provinces touching them.  - Look on Netflix or google for this one. 
  • Yellowstone - Wyoming
  • Asteroids - Meteor Crater in Arizona - Look on Netflix or Google for this one. 
  • Iceland Volcano - Iceland
  • Hawaii 
  • The Alps - Related to European Countries
  • The Grand Canyon - Related to Arizona and other large river-carved canyons. 
  • Vesuvius - Italy
  • Sahara - Related African Countries
  • Yosemite - California
  • The Rockies - Related US States and Canadian Provinces 
  • Ring of Fire - Related to all countries touching ROF
  • Everest - Related to all countries with Himalayan Mountains
  • Death Valley - California
  • Mt. St. Helens - Washington
  • Earth's Deadliest Eruption - Texas - Search Netflix or Google for this one. 
  • America's Ice Age - Good for describing how past climate can affect the Earth's Surface

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May 1, 2013, 9:31 AM