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LT.5a: Evaluate how climate change has been influenced by the greenhouse and albedo effects. i. Interpret trends in climate data; ii. Identify greenhouse gasses and compare how much they impact the greenhouse effect; iii. Explain how the greenhouse effect works using a diagram; iv. Explain how the above trends produce feedback loops which act together to produce climate change; v. Forecast future climate change and evaluate changes necessary to maintain climate stability. 

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LT. 5b: Explain and model how plate tectonics shapes Earth's features (at the surface and under water) i. Cite evidence supporting movement of tectonic plates; ii. Explain convection as the driving force for plate tectonics, including its energy source; iii. Model plate boundaries between oceanic and continental plates; iv. Explain and model the formation of surface features using the theory of plate tectonics. 

Plate Tectonics PhET Simulation Lab - To be used with pages ______ in your packet. 

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