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Using Google Docs Instead of Word, PowerPoint, or Excel

If you can't use MS Word, MS Excel, or MS Powerpoint, make sure you have a Google Account and you can do everything with an internet browser!

Google Drive is a service provided by Google that lets you save all of your work on the internet. It also saves it for you so you don't have to remember to save it all the time. It has at least three readers for you to use that are all compatible with Microsoft Office tools. (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint). 

For documents on my website: 
  1. Download the document and make sure you know where it is downloaded to. 
  2. Go to Google Drive. 
  3. Next to the "Create" Button, there is an "Upload" button. Click on that. 
  4. Find your document, and upload it to your Google Drive account. 
  5. Open up the document. If you can't edit it yet, keep reading. 
  6. Up top, click on "File" and then go to "Open" --- Open with Google Drive. 
  7. You should be able to edit it now, make sure you give it a name that includes the assignment name AND your name or initials.