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General Class Policies

In-Class Rules: Class rules are designed to cultivate a classroom safe for learning for everyone. Interfering with another person's learning is a choice that will not be tolerated in my classroom. These are in addition to all school rules and policies - See Planner. If you would like an explanation of any of the below, please ask!
1. Respect
  • No Put-Downs. No Exceptions. (This includes, but is not limited to, put-downs based on ability, sexual orientation, genderfriendship, and race.) 
  • Listen to the person talking, either the teacher or a peer. 
  • No Electronics out during class unless specifically instructed/permitted by teacher. 
  • No horseplay.
  • No Cursing. 
  • No Grooming. 
  • NO FOOD OR DRINK (Except water in seal-able containers) allowed in class during class time. 
2. Responsibility
  • Complete all work in a timely manner. Respect is not earned for students who waste class time instead of completing work. 
  • Follow through with all obligations to peers.
  • Follow directions when they are given.
  • Read through all directions thoroughly and carefully. 
3. Safety
  • Follow directions when they are given.
  • Read through all directions and safety precautions BEFORE starting an activity. 
  • No Horseplay
  • Wear appropriate safety gear when required. (Example: Goggles). 
  • Alert teacher immediately of safety concerns. (Examples: broken glass, fire, smoke, frozen hands, etc.) 
  • NO FOOD OR DRINK ALLOWED DURING ACTIVITIES AND LABS. This is just to re-iterate the above for safety reasons. 
Violating any of the above class rules (or any school rules) is a choice made by the student. For most violations, the following procedure will be followed. For larger violations, the vice principal will be consulted immediately. 
Violation 1. A Warning Chat with the student. 
Violation 2. A "My Action Plan Report" will be filled out and signed by the student. A phone call will be made to parents. 
Violation 3. Vice Principal will be consulted.  

Grading scales are assigned based on the class. See your class syllabus for more information. 

Stamps are my way of giving daily points. They will be counted at the end of a unit for a grade. Stamps will NOT be made up after a standard is taken for any given unit. 

See below for explanations of assessments.

Tests are assessments of learning. Midterms, finals, and standards are all examples of tests. The standard grades (the majority of your calculated grade) can be improved, the test grades cannot. Example 1, Unit Tests: We take a unit Test on Unit A. There will be two grades entered in the gradebook, the Test grade and the Standard grade. If a student would like to improve his or her grade, he can re-take the assessment to improve the standard grade, but not the test grade. Test grades stand as the day the assessment is taken. Example 2, Midterm and Finals: There will be a separate grade in the gradebook for midterms and finals. If a student passes a given unit on the midterm or final, this counts and replaces that standard grade. 
There will be one midterm per trimester. Midterms are chances for students to re-take standard grades. 
There will be one final per class at the end of the trimester. These are also chances to re-take standard grades when the final is cumulative. 
One page of notes are allowed on cumulative finals. This page must be no larger than an 8.5x11" paper, hand written, ONE sided. 
All classes at SHS are standards-based. This means that the majority of your grade comes from providing evidence that the student has met the learning goals set up by the state, school, and teacher. Standards MUST BE PASSED with the percentage set in the syllabus in order for the student receive credit for the class. In order to improve a standard grade, the student must provide evidence that more learning has occured and make an appointment with the teacher to re-take the standard. 
Checks/Exit Tickets
These are very short and quick mini-assessments that happen right after the learning to ensure that the student understood the main points of the day. They are not worth much for the grade because I want students to be comfortable with trying their best on these. They are, however, worth their weight in gold for the learning process and are very valuable for student self-assessment. 
My classes are structured around assessment for learning. This means that all quizzes are meant for the students to learn from. With this in mind, students can also make up grades on quizzes to provide evidence that the student now understands the material. The template for getting marks back on a quiz is below. Quizzes can only be made up UNTIL the standard test. 

Quiz Corrections Template: To be completed on a separate sheet of loose-leaf paper (NOT torn out of a notebook). Paper is available by the front window in classroom. 

Quiz Title
Question #: ____ Wrong Answer: ____ Correct Answer: ____
My original answer was wrong because: _______________. 
The correct answer is correct because: __________________. 
Show work (When applicable)