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Unit 3: The Sun as a Star

Learning Goals:
i. Identify how long the sun's magnetic cycle lasts and ways in which the sun affects Earth. ii. Identify layers of the sun, their temperature, and what makes the different. iii. Identify what powers the sun, explain how it works, what is created, and relate it to Einstein's equation. iv. Be able to explain how Earth's magnetic field is created, why Mars doesn't have one, and how this protects us from the sun. v. Explain how we know what the sun is made of. 
The Sun's Parts Video 2 - Science with Higgins - Sun's atmospheric layers, CME, Sunspots, Magnetism
The Sun's Parts Video 3 - Science with Higgins - Solar Flare, Solar Wind, Auroras, Magnetosphere
How we know what stars are made of - Science With Higgins (16min)- Spectral Lines, Emission Lines, Absorption Lines
Solar Cycles - Science with Higgins (8min) - Solar Flares, Solar Flares (in terms of solar cycles), Temperature change  caused by solar cycles   

Extra help and Interesting Things:
Absorption and Emission Lines Explained