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Solar System Paper

LT.2F - Choose a current or past human mission to another planet (not our moon) and explain what its original purpose was, how it works, and what we have learned or gleaned from that mission. OR Compare and contrast your knowledge of the planets with Gustav Holtz's The Planets Suite. (Formerly LT.H)
Unit Paper: (Choose only one)
Mission to another planet (or moon)!
-Choose a current or past mission to another planet and explain what its original purpose was.
-Explain how the mission works: Orbiter or lander? What instruments does it have and what does it measure with them? How does it send information back? How is it controlled? Other specifics? 
-What have we learned? Scientific information or about human nature and Earth! Sometimes we get much more from a mission as a society than we expected to.  
-Cite sources
-Watch conventions. 
-Make it complete, no half-ing it. 


Gustav Holst's The Planets Suite Essay