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Unit 2: Big Bang aka Everywhere Stretch

Evidence #1: Doppler Shift of Galaxies. 
Learning Goal #1 - Galaxies are huge collections of dust, gas, and stars held together by gravity. 
    Activities: Hubble Deep Field
Learning Goal #2 - Light is a wave that can be emitted or absorbed by different gasses. 
    Activities: Emission and Absorption Spectra Worksheet and class activity. 
    Extra Help: See videos listed here. Khan Video: Redshift
Learning Goal #3 - The doppler effect describes how waves can change based on the movement of the wave-source. 
    Activities: Class Running Man, Car-horn video, Redshift Worksheet

Evidence #2: E=mc2
Learning Goal #4 - Energy can turn into primitive matter and matter can turn into a whole lot of energy
    Activities: Big Bang Video, Class notes "Big Bang"
Learning Goal #5 - Primitive particles condense into primitive atoms
    Activities: Big Bang Video, Class notes "Big Bang"

Evidence #3: Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation
Learning Goal #6 - We receive light waves from everywhere, they used to be infrared waves from infant universe. 
    Activities: Big Bang Video, Class notes, "Big Bang"